Suzanne Jepson

Suzanne Jepson, Ph.D.

Suzanne Jepson, Ph.D.

Patent Agent

Suzanne Jepson, Ph.D. is a seasoned patent agent with 18 years of in-house and law firm experience. She specializes in cell biology, biochemistry, molecular genetics, nutraceuticals, and biofuels.


Dr. Jepson has broad experience in the patent process, including patent preparation and prosecution, patent searching and analysis, patent portfolio management, and client counseling regarding patent matters. Most recently, Dr. Jepson was the sole in-house patent practitioner at a start-up biofuel company, allowing her to better understand intellectual property needs from a client’s perspective.


Dr. Jepson also has substantial experience working in research laboratories before becoming a patent agent. Her Ph.D. work was in the field of plant molecular responses to environmental stress conditions, where she studied biochemical characteristics and subcellular localization of a protein that was produced under stress.


Prior to obtaining her Ph.D., Dr. Jepson was a new product development researcher at Microbio Resources, an algal biotechnology company, where she analyzed carotenoid compounds in microbial cells. Prior to her time at Microbio Resources, Dr. Jepson studied protein-protein interactions on platelet membranes at Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA. Previously, she was a lab technician in a synthetic peptide laboratory, where she prepared, purified, and analyzed synthetic peptides.